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Security Services

OIS has the unique skills to make any workplace a safer environment for employees, customers, and visitors. Whether your company is dealing with a workplace violence issue, termination, or just need a more safe and secure work site, OIS can help with investigative assistance and/or on-site security.


  • OIS is both a licensed investigative firm and security guard agency, so any workplace security issue can be resolved.
  • OIS uses only carefully selected active or retired law enforcement personnel for their security division, so all work will be conducted in a professional and discreet manner.
OIS offers neighborhood patrol services to Home Owner Associations and Property Management Companies to help promote neighborhood safety and crime prevention. OIS uses only off-duty, ILEA certified police officers, as its personnel for Neighborhood Patrols. Included in these services:


  • Officers complete end-of-shift activity reports.
  • Monthly Patrol Report is provided to HOA and/or property manager.
  • Residents can submit on-line Incident Report to report suspicious activity, make specific patrol requests, and request vacation residence checks.

Investigative Services

Investigators are law enforcement certified in surveillance photography/videography and surveillance techniques. Investigations include:


  • High Quality Digital Video
  • Digital Photography
  • Mobile Surveillance
  • Fixed Surveillance
OIS offers attorneys and law firms full-service case investigation and support, including:


  • Witness Identification/Location
  • Witness Interviews
  • Scene Photography/Videography
  • Process Service
  • Surveillance
  • Defendant Asset Location
Protecting the integrity of your company is priority one, so you need to know who you are employing. Omni uses years of background investigative experience and the latest informational databases to conduct its screening. In-house HR legal advisors insure all screening meets Fair Trade Commission, Fair Credit Reporting Act, and state standards.
In today’s rocky financial climate, you better know who you’re really dealing with before conducting any business transactions. Let OIS handle all of your Due Diligence business investigations to minimize the risk of making a bad business decision. Some of the information that can be obtained through OIS database searches include:


  • Past Business Performance
  • Asset Confirmation
  • Bankruptcies
  • Civil Litigations
  • UCC Filings
OIS is staffed exclusively by employees certified with professional law enforcement training and experience. Our employees have been extensively trained in a variety of investigative techniques, including:


  • Interview Techniques
  • Corporate/Retail Theft Investigations
  • Certified Law Enforcement Videography/Photography
  • Covert Investigative Techniques
  • Fraud Detection
  • Intellectual Property Investigation
  • Death Investigations
  • Investigative and Litigation Support Services
Whether you need to locate a hard-to-find witness or defendant or a suspected missing person, let OIS use its years of investigative experience to locate them. After location, Omni can handle any personal Process Service that is needed as well. Investigative Techniques include:


  • Address Summaries
  • Real Estate Records
  • Private Database and Public Records Searches
  • Hands on Field Investigations
We have investigated cases for large companies, including: NFL, MLB, Big Ten Conference, and Fox Racing. Intellectual Property services include:


  • Trademark Infringement Investigation
  • Counterfeit Identification
  • Cease and Desist Order Service
  • Guidance in Prosecution
  • Trademark Integrity
  • Internet Monitoring
OIS investigators are well-trained to conduct your Worker’s Compensation Investigations. Investigators are law enforcement certified in surveillance photography/videography and surveillance techniques. Investigations include:


  • Consultation and Guidelines
  • Claimant Interviews
  • Waivers
  • Background Checks
  • Fraud Assessment
  • Video Documentation
  • Detailed Written Reports

Omni Investigative provides years of experience in insurance claims investigations. Whether it is a desktop investigation used to confirm information submitted in a claim or acting as a front-line investigator to uncover new information, Omni investigators have the training and experience to assist in the fight against red flagged and potential fraudulent claims.


  • Omni investigators are well-versed in many interview techniques.
  • Omni investigators have extensive experience using covert video and still photography to document evidence in work comp claims.
  • All of Omni's investigators have worked closely with attorneys and prosecutors to prepare case files for civil and criminal prosecutions, should the case rise to that level.
  • All of Omni’s investigators have experience testifying in court.

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